"Lew-Ellyn is one of our most successful and talented authors--J. Karker, Maine Authors Publishing


What the publishing world is saying:

12/23/2019 George Smith, Bangor Daily News writes: 

I loved Maine Stories by Lew-Ellyn Hughes, who captures the state we love. Her columns feature Maine in so many ways and I enjoyed every column. This wonderful book was published by Maine Authors Publishing. Lew-Ellyn’s Maine experiences mirror many of mine. She spent lots of time in the woods at her family’s camp in Greenville. And her exceptional descriptions put you right there. Actually, I have been right there!

She writes about everything from teaching young kids to ski at Sugarloaf to hosting guests at her B&B, gardening to Halloween, and talking turkey to granny rules. My wife Linda is an avid gardener, and she loved the gardening column about a fanatic gardener.

"This is wholesome, comfortable entertainment, beautifully written, with Hughes’ signature self-deprecating wry humor and tenderness — a refreshing departure from much of today’s mean-spirited media scribbling." Bill Bushnell, Bushnell on Books, 

Kennebec Journal & Morning Sentinel

"This writer has captured Maine." George Smith, Bangor Daily News

"Hughes gives words to a Maine experience." --Ed turner, "On Maine Writers", Book Nook, Lewiston Sun Journal

"Nice voice, funny, with a down-home appeal." --Peter Chianca, Managing Editor, Community Newspaper Co.

"L.E. Hughes does indeed have a way with words, offering tales of everyday life here in Maine that touch us all in significant ways. Her column, "Away with Words," is a highlight many of our readers look forward to, including myself who gets a "first look" at these wonderful columns."--Robert Gray Jr. Editor, The Original Irregular 

What readers are saying:

"I absolutely love Maine Stories and can't put it down. Keep the beautiful stories coming. I look forward to your upcoming books.-- K.R. Missouri

"Yes, I'd say you were born a writer, Lew-Ellyn. You have quite a way with words. I just finished your book, "Maine Stories" and I was amused, entertained and moved. Your stories give me hope."  B.B. via email

"I loved your book! I couldn't put it down. I have never read a book so quickly!" --WLG, Greenville, ME

"I so throughouly enjoyed Maine Stories. The stories are interesting, funny and informative. I highly recommend this book as well as all future books by this author!" -- E. Lynch, Ashland, MA

 "It truly is a remarkable collection of stories. She takes you on a journey of what life is like here in Maine, and sometimes with an unexpected twist. Certainly a must read book."--Kay Hemphill Montgomery, Stratton, ME and Cantonment, FL

"Lew-Ellyn is my new favorite Maine author. This book is funny, poignant, entertaining, well-written and it touched my heart.  We teach our granddaughters to be strong Maine women. This book is all about that. I love it." B. Woodbury, Millinocket, ME

"Maine Stories is one of my favorite treasures."--K. Lusk,  Ohio

"Loved your book. I couldn't put it down." G. Squiers, LaGrange, ME

"I loved this book. Please write another!" S.M. Bangor, Maine

"Love your latest book. You see the world from the depth of your soul!" 

J. Bayles, Cape Coral, FL

"Some of your stories brought back memories of growing up in Greenville, others I couldn't get enough of and the stories of the kids at the ski area should be a book by itself. Keep writing and I'll keep reading."

K. Murray, Amesbury, MA